Beginning in mid 2009, MFT began researching how technology could improve its workflow, productivity and final product. Contractors have been utilizing GPS equipment in the heavy civil construction market for over a decade, yet this technology has its limits. However, over the last few years, development of "stringless paving" has allowed contractors to utilize the same total stations used by surveyors to build a project from start to finish. After a few site visits, MFT realized that utilizing both GPS and total station systems could give us the ability to provide a better product that is closer to plan design with less effort.

In the spring of 2010, MFT became the first contractor to pave "stringless" in the state of Nebraska at the Johnson Lake Trail Project in Fremont. Since then, MFT hasn't poured a single trail using string line, roughly five miles in 2010 alone.

Since that time, MFT has implemented "stringless technology" on all but one of its mainline pavers and continues to push the boundaries of this remarkable system.

In Action